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A the workplace of business people dress bogey six


dress too bright is too bright business people dress in the color the more formal occasions many, too bright, such as clothing chart and other issues too complex and unconventional.


dress too too messy messy is not in agreement with the standardization of pleading dress for formal occasions. Messy dress can accessible quit a bad impression on people, easy-to-business customers doubts almost the degree of standardization.

3 too bare

formal business occasions in some portions of the body is not suitable for bare, such as breast, elbows, thighs. Usually in a formal business occasions pleaded not bare chest, no bare elbows, no bare legs.

4 too Perspective

clairvoyant outfit to wear in social locations is often allowed, yet in formal dress business contacts over any peccadilloes in perspective on the respect of others, there are sorry for each other the infer.

5 is too short

on formal occasions, business people dress not too short. Such as not wearing shorts, short skirts, very important occasion not allowed to wear Lou Qizhuang, short-sleeved shirt and so on. What must be emphasized that, men dressed in shorts in a formal setting is absolutely not allowed.

6 too tight

social occasions dressed in very tight-fitting clothing is allowed. It must be tensioned in the workplace and social situations is the difference, and accordingly can not wear more formal occasions, too firm clothing. Imagine, when business people in the workplace, wearing too tight clothing, highlight the lines explicit,cheap MBT shoes, how it manifests itself seriously?

(b) the workplace of business people dress Note

1 line status

outlook of the image of each worker in the unit are representative of their company's image and the degree of standardization, also reflects the individual's training and experience, so the business human of the dress must be the image of its units, commensurate with the specific work undertaken, so that men and women are different, grades are different, as are different, and professional are different, there are other positions that All this will make the right business human dress reflects the quality of their own, reflecting the company's image.

2 exceed

real life, each person is different painting close. Business occasion dress emphasized weaknesses, but the emphasis is not to avoid short-Advantage. For sample, a young lady in great shape, tight-fitting T-shirt, micro skirt to show her body the most, but not suitable for commercial petitions such as dress, or wear a professional suit for business occasions as well, which is focusing on not avoid short-Advantage; if women's legs are not straight, you can choose pants. This is to avoid disabilities.

(1) differentiate between the occasions

in their daily work and life, business people should dress for different occasions and different, retaining the status quo is clearly a far cry. Business people on different occasions should choose a different fashion, in order to reflect their own identity, education and taste. Generally speaking, many business people involved in three situations: official occasions, social occasions, casual occasions.

(2) the so-called official occasions

official occasions namely comprised in performance of official duties of the cause, it namely normally included in the Scriptorium, in the negotiating room and out of official duties and so ashore. Basic requirements as official occasions, dress conservatively as the attention, Yichuan suit, skirt, and dress uniforms. In counting you can too consider selecting jeans, skirt and long-sleeved shirts. Should not wear shape, accidental. Attention have to be quite major cause, short-sleeved dress shirt namely not suitable as apt the choice.

(3) social occasions

terms of business people, social situations is the so-called baby boom in public and colleagues, business partners to interact friendly entertainment occasions. Although these situations are not in the workplace, but often faced with an acquaintance. The basic requirements of social occasion dress for fashion personality, should be wearing a dress, fashion, ethnic apparel. It must be accentuated in such social situations generally do not choose too solemn for conservative clothing, such as wearing uniforms to the pellet, banquet, agreement, it is often not coordinated and the surrounding surroundings.

(4) the so-called casual occasions

casual does not average a wreck, where leisure is defined as a person separate from the bureau spare time, or in public places and other strangers who live together time. Dress casual occasions the elementary requirements for the cozy and normal. In other words, they do not violate the law, they do not violate ethics, they do not stonewall the physical safety of others, so business people can be left fully to dress personal likes. Generally speaking, in casual occasions, culling of clothes for people with sportswear, trousers, beachwear and a variety of informal, casual, such as T-shirts, shorts, sandals, slippers and so on. In casual occasions, if wearing a suit, skirt, often laughable.

3 to comply with dress clothes to wear accustomed

So distant, no unattached women in shaping the image of career women, can be like a skirt, like For women directors, suitable to put on a skirt, the image will now dressed a hundred times. Temperament and demeanor revealed, will have a more successful business opportunity. However, the following four major taboo, must be conscious of.

(1) wearing a black leather skirt

in a business setting can not be wearing a black leather skirt, otherwise an ungainly position. Because in a alien nation, only avenue girl is so dress. So when you are dealing with aliens, especially when visiting Europe and the United States, must not be wearing a black leather skirt.

(2) dress, shoes, socks do not match

high-heeled shoes or half should be high-heeled shoes, rather leather, the size should be affordable. The most traditional color to dark. In addition, invariable with the skirt of shoes can also choose the color. Nylon stockings hardly evercks, fleece is generally high socks or pantyhose. Color applicable for monochrome, with flesh-colored, black, light gray, light brown and so on several conventional options. Do not appropriate pants, pantyhose stockings to wear such as pants. Socks into the skirt should not, must not be exposed on the appearance. Socks should be intact. If you wear a high-end of the skirt, and socks there are cavities, so it becomes very incongruous, not serious.

(3) not only barefoot barefoot

was not very formal, but will own some of the flaws in people laughed. At the same time, in international exchanges, wearing a skirt, especially when wearing a skirt does not wear socks, often will be regarded as muse bully, showing sexy too. Therefore, barefoot is not allowed.

(4) three cut-cut leg

so-called three legs is to wear a skirt half the time, wear half socks, socks and a skirt medial calf exposed, resulting in a width skirt, socks a, calf length. This method is simple to wear thick make legs see short term called

4 follow suit and wearing a conventional suit


(1) the principle of three-color three-color

principle is defined to mean men in suits wearing a suit on formal occasions, the body must be limited in three colors within.

(2) thirty-one Law

thirty-one is the meaning of the law of men wearing suits, suits when they go out, there are three parts of the body color must harmonize these three parts is the shoes , strap, briefcase color must be unified. The best option is to shoes, belts, briefcases are all black. Shoes, belts, briefcases, white-collar men the most impressive partition of the body, make it uniform color, to aid enhance their taste.

(3) the three taboos

three taboos in short is the suit worn on formal occasions, suit, can not appear in three spectacle.

Table 6-1 three wear suits inhibit

trade jot is not split cuffs on the sleeves of the trademark should be paid when buying a suit removed from the service. If you wear a suit, not a trademark on the cuffs removed, it becomes not understand the line.

wear on formal occasions tie and suit jacket and tie set is complete, if it is athletic within the industry, for example, lead to the inspection department, wearing jacket and knot is permitted. However, in formal occasions, the same as casual jacket, so in formal occasions, especially in foreign business contacts, wearing jacket and tie is absolutely unacceptable.

formal occasions, wear suits, suits most people have problems when speaking of socks, wear socks much attention, disburse attention to the two most important colknow next to nothing ofcks should be uniform. However, there are two contacts in the business to not wear socks for the splendid, the first nylon stockings, and the second is the pearly socks.

Section conversation etiquette

1 avoid social occasions

selected topics in business dealings, avoid the topic selected six, collectively referred to as

(1) shall not be reproof of the party and the administration tin not be reproved

state, party and government, in thinking and movement should be consistent with the party and the government. Every loyal law-abiding inhabitant, every business person's basic professional standards, but also the moral quality publish that there is no room for bargaining.

(2) not involve state secrets and advertisement secrets

China has a citizen security law, the State Secrets Act, involving drips of the contents can not be talking about. Thus, in the business conversation does not involve state secrets and business secrets. (3) not criticism contacts in the interior businesses when dealing with outsiders

should reserve in mind the main customer is not responsible for the notion, that can not easily find mistake with others is not, if necessary the major problem, not face to face so that the other cheat, ashamed , look at the points, it is laborious to step down.

(4) shall not talk after leaders, colleagues and peers

We stand criticism and self-criticism, but not rinse your nasty textile in public. Talk in front of outsiders their leadership, peers, colleagues not, let someone else on your personality, dignity into question.

(5) shall not involve a matter of style is not tall style is not high

topics including kin gossip, gossip, gender relations, yellow chip and so on. If the topic is not high style from our jaws say, will a laughing stock, make each other feel that our quality is not high, fails to schooling.

(6) shall not involve a matter of private seclusion

enthusiasm for others to be encouraged, but care should be degrees. In a market economic, should be a degree of care, respect for privacy, privacy issues can not just talk. When talking with outsiders,Mbt Shoes Clearance, especially when talking with foreigners, should avoid personal privacy. These include the following

2 talk three bogey

(1) verbal abuse, assault

the process of talking with each other, they sometimes will have inconsistencies, but no matter how divergent the two sides must Remember to respect each other, that their attention and friendly, not verbal abuse aggression.

(2) half-hearted

talking to people, the eyes look approximately, that you half-hearted. On the other side do not pay attention, is an extremely insolent action. Conversation to pay attention to in the means, method, wording, language, content and other aspects of the object with the necessary interactive conversation. If the person you interview with, you Mianhanweixiao, nod, said thoughtfully, each feels a decisive good.


speak loudly when spoken to slowly improve the habit of sound, that sounds low, speed is slow, do not make many ruckus. Lower voices, to talk a little slow to understand and be competent to understand each other. Lower, slower is important when talking to respect each other's requirements.

Section meeting etiquette

(a) the introduction etiquette

in business dealings, people often absence to clarify the contacts to their own situation, that is introduced. Describes the general can be divided into three kinds, is introduce themselves, introducing others to introduce the collective.


introduce their self-introduction, absolutely indispensable. Self-introduction, that is, the essential social occasions, to show himself to others, to make each other understand their own. Appropriate self-introduction, not only can improve their understanding of others, but also establish accidental opportunities. Self-introduction, three points should be noted: First, the first business card; Second, a brief time; Third, the content honesty. Generally speaking, formal self-introduction, unit, ministry, position, name, indispensable.

(1) appoint. Should be a report out,MBT shoe, not a name and residence unknown, or known not surname.

(2) units. Worked in the units and departments, such as may be the best out of all the reports, specific departments can sometimes temporarily reported.

(3) positions. Reported a responsible position or busy in specific work: there is the best post office reported, fewer or no post office, you can report the currently busy in specific tasks. For example, you can say

2 introducing others

(1) the choice of referee

In general, home to the guests, the hostess is the introducer; unit to the guests, usually full-time staff, such as public narrations commander, secretary and other melodrama moderator; whether he came to the important guests, along the top mastery of the unit as a referee, that the respect of important guests.

(2) introduce others to the order

introducing others, the order of the standard are: introduction, when the 2 sides, after the first humble adore. As a common rule, for others to make the mandate of introduction of business etiquette to the following categories:

? introduce higher and lower levels of awareness, first introduced subordinates, superiors after the introduction.

? introduce older and younger people know, you should first introduce the younger generation, introduced after the elders.

? introduction elderly and the young who know, the young person should be introduced, introduced after the elderly.

? Introduction Ladies and men's learning, the men should be introduced, after the introduction lady.

? Introduction married and unmarried knowing ought first introduce the unmarried, marital after the presentation.

? introduce my colleagues, friends and family know, we should first introduce the family, after the introduction colleagues and friends.

? introduced the guests and the owner of awareness, the owner should be introduced, after the introduction guests.

? first introduced the participants and those who understand afterward when, who should be introduced later, after the first were introduced.

3 describes the collective hunk

introduced, generally refers to 1 or both were introduced more than one person. Actually introduce a special case of others. In view of this, the introduction of the basic rule is that others can use. The basic rule is: when you introduce the two sides, after the first humble respect. In the introduction of specific parties in which their staff, it should be self-esteem and humble.

(b) the handshake etiquette

handshake is the most general courtesy when they meet. Because do not understand the rules awkward handshake scene, who are unwilling to face. Handshake line is not complicated, but very delicate issue. As a elaborate of the ceremony action, well, if there is no significant positive effect; done well, but it abruptly showed negate results.

1 order

hand in a formal setting, handshake position depends on the order hand, identity. In social, leisure occasions, chiefly relying on old, gender, marital status.

jobs, those with high status jobs, as the lower shaking hands, by position, as those who first reached out to high.

men shake hands with women, women should first reach out.

married and unmarried handshake should be married first a hand.

elderly person shaking hands with the juvenile, older people should reach out to first.

elders shake hands with the younger generation, should reach out to the elders first.

social occasions, first by shaking hands with the beginners should be first come first out of hand.

owner should first reach out to hospitality, and visiting guests with grasp.

guests leave, they should first reach out to grips with the owner.

2 line handshake taboo

handshake, the other hand not holding a weekly, briefcase, etc. and prop entities, and do not in his pockets. Do not rush to shake hands, the line should be in accordance with the order. Ms.

wearing tulle gloves in social situations were allowed to shake hands with people, and whenever men are not wearing gloves when shaking hands.

addition to undergoing from eye ailments or eye impairments, but not allowed to shake hands, wearing sunglasses.

Do not shake hands with others, refused, do not shake hands with others to use his left hand, do not shake hands with both hands with the opposite sex.

when dealing with Christians, do not shake hands with the two men shook hands with the other two form a cross shape. This fashion alike to the cross, in their view is very auspicious.

Do not shake hands over each other's hand, move in the elapse, or up and down shivering. Do not shake hands

lengthy, bowing, abuse enthusiasm, seemed too polite.

handshake, do not just hold each other's finger, and gave each other a length not only chilly fingertips.

Do not use dirty hands with others, grips, can not shake hands with others, immediately obliterate their hands.

(c) the business card of the request and receiving a business card etiquette

1 obtained

general, get business cards should not be too straightforward. The feasible alternatives are four: First, the Exchange Act; Second, attempting to rally; Third, humility law; its four contact method.


Exchange Act and Exchange Act is Others that would like to ask for business cards, the most easy way is to first gave each other their cards. The so-called

(2) attempting to rally

venturing to rally is occasionally phoned the commutes encountered in the other position as higher than their own, or as the inverse sex, it is inevitable that beware of the center. This circumstance, the card gave the other side, the other probably will not rebate card. Encounter this situation, it may be in the cards gave each other, slightly interpretation, such as In this case, the other side will not not give you a rebate card. Even if he did he would not want to give you an forgive will not detect the right direction to make you mortified.

(3) humility humility Act

method is obtained from the other card in prior to pave the way for a tiny in order to obtain business cards. To see a study such as microcomputer technology experts you can say: query, do not know how to ask you later more convenient?

(4) Contact means

humility law generally is the high-status people, for the same generation, or younger people do not quite fit. Face of the same generation and younger, may wish to use contact method. Contact the standard method expression is: acceptance of others business card, should must must, also need to pay attention to four points. For the third point, of special note, need attention.

others to their own business card, they should stand up, Mianhanweixiao, visual each other.

to adopt a business card, then either hands, or took his right hand. Do not equitable take over with his left hand.

took the business card, the card should carefully read quietly from start to finish repeatedly,Mbt Clearance, is intended to attach magnitude to each other.

Finally,MBT Sneakers, approval of others, commerce cards, you should use the word meek honorific. Such as

fourth gift etiquette

in business dealings, gifts are often necessity. It is a memento, but also a publicity substances. Select the gift, the key depends on the object, penetrate the relationship, penetrate occasion, to see the purpose, and hence resolve the Dos and Don'ts.

1 should select a gift

in business dealings, should choose the gift should have some promotional, memorial, matchless, fashionable, and sometimes also make it with a portable of.

(1) commemorative

in business dealings, gifts used to be able to reach the other side to remember themselves, remember their own units, the character of productions and services, so that both friendly and exchanges in harmony. In short let the other party to remember their own gifts for business contacts in one of the main effect.

(2) unique gift

business dealings should be unique. I have no people to do, people have my priorities. Guard against mass side, otherwise it will give a perfunctory feel.

(3) promotional

in business dealings, we must first memorandum of the promotional gifts namely are accustomed in business dealings gifts, promotional corporate image is intended, not bribery, triumph over others.

(4) fashion

award not only alter, particular attention should be Gift fashion or not. All in all, in business dealings, select gifts, can not be too out of appointment, otherwise the effect ambition be counterproductive.

(5) portable

time when the guests from their national place, give each other gifts, or fragile, not bulky, easy to carry each other, otherwise the added fret for each other, so Business exchanges gifts to pay attention to its portability.


avoid selection of gift can not send colossal amounts of cash and marketable securities, or there is suspected of buying each other. At the same time also pay attention to, gold and silver jewelry is not fall butmeone else.

shoddy merchandise, and last season's merchandise, not someone else. Otherwise fool each other, deceiving is suspected.

can not give each other medicines and nutritional supplements, or other needy health have implied definition.

opposed to public virtue and the laws and regulations of the gift is not given to others. Such as related to pornography, gambling, pills, and the like items.

against the contacts to national customs, religious faiths and lifestyle items can not be somebody another, or they do not respect every other's too.

with premonitory advertising signs and advertising in the items can not be someone else, or they use the additional for their own advertising signs as suspected. Summary of this speak

in business dealings, each employee's personal image represents the company's image. Therefore, staff dress in a formal setting, we must attach magnificent importance to the business people dress etiquette, should bear in idea the following three main specifications: obedience status, the distinction between occasions, to comply with rules.

in daily business dealings, especially when making important business communication, conversation is often the favored way of people. Conversation actually refers to two aspects: first, what to say? Refers to the content; second, how to say? Refers to the form. Conversation to be occasioned by business people and form great concern.

unavoidable in business dealings in contact with others. A formal meeting with others, especially when first appointment, if respectful, Shurei, constantly related to the contacts in their first impression is agreeable alternatively bad. Generally speaking, in the prim business contacts, meeting etiquette generally included an introduction to etiquette, business cards and quake hands with etiquette etiquette.

business contacts in the use of gifts is often inevitable, sometimes need to choose a gift to others, and some cases need to accept a free gift with others. In the eyes of business people, a gift just right, not just a propaganda, and is a souvenir, so the gift of choice, giving and receiving, are required to comply with the necessary business etiquette

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Xi'an Institute of Finance heater Volunteers Association

summer practice research report

research topics: the rural economy with local characteristics - br>
research organization: Xi'an Institute of Finance heater Volunteers Association

research time: 2010 7 20 - August 5, 2009

research Location: Shaanxi Province GE brand Xi'an Lantian Town

faculties: School of Statistics, Xi'an Institute of Finance

Major: Math class

Student ID: 0904970239

Name: Lee Zhang Tao

completiin due time: August 10, 2010


cover ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1

I. Summary of ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3

2 backdrop information on ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3

1, peasant music history ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 3

2, Xi'an Lantian Town GE Profile brand ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 5

3, the Soviet government GE brand township memorial ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 6

Third, the body ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 6

1, research background, research objective, research significance ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 7

2, research methods and research content ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 8

3, the questionnaire cover letter ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 9

4, survey questionnaire ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 10

four , research content statement ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 12

1, Ge card town ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 12

2, Ge license town GE brand town ... ... ... ... ... ... 14

5, GE brand the town Development of analysis and recommendations ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 18

1, of >
2, of ... ... ... ... ... ... 19

4, the local adult areas of business experience ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 22

seven research summary ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 23

eight, references ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 24


at long-term the formation of the urban-rural twin building, China's urban and rural development is irregular, is still relatively backward rural areas. Generally speaking, there is no fundamental change in the rural scenery, the environment is dirty, chaotic, and penniless, making the gap among urban and rural areas is even extra marked and more prominent. The central

the development of rural tourism has been a certain period of time, both success stories, there are failures. Construction of new socialist countryside implementation of the strategy, but also to develop rural tourism into a new vitality, bringing a new historic opportunity to further the development of remove direction, remove development of tourism in rural areas, the ultimate goal is to esteem local the wishes of farmers under the premise of promoting rural infrastructure, scientific planning, change the rural backwardness, the peasants' income and promote rural spiritual civilization. It can be said, a new socialist countryside construction strategy is the development of rural tourism guidelines.

farmhouse history:

uncommon local brand. It is also the diversity of people's voyage demand, increasing leisure time, a gradual increase in living standards and the an example.

rural tourism in diplomatic countries for over 30 years of history, was more successful in carrying out part of some American and European countries. The early 1960s, when the tourist village of Spain, the castle's renovation into a certain hotel to stay in the past guests, this motel is cried planning and construction, providing hiking, horseback riding,cheap MBT shoes, paragliding, mountain climbing, rafting, participate in agricultural activities and other projects, accordingly creating a precedent for the earth of rural tourism. After the rural tourism in the United States, France, Poland, Japan and other countries to be initiated and great development. In 1996, the United States countryside inn revenues of 40 billion U.S. dollars. In 1997, the United States, 18 million people work to villages, farms, vacation, there were only 1500 in the east U.S. tourist farms, in the west there are a large number of dedicated tourist ranch. Currently, there are more than 16,000 farming families in France set up a family hotel, the introduction of farm tourism, the country 33% of visitors chose the village resort, rural tourism every 2 million annual tourists, can give farmers the income of 70 billion francs, the equivalent of National tourism revenue of 1 / 4. In western countries, rural tourism has been of considerable size, and has embarked on a standardized development track, showing strong vitality and big potential for development.

domestic, real rural tourism began in the 1980s, its special anti-poverty policies under the guidance of tourism came into being, but because of a late start, is still in its early stages. At present, China's rural tourism development all overthe financial sightseeing, study, study, participation, pastime, leisure, vacation and entertainment in the instruction of an integrated, in which the participation rate of servant tourists and re-visit the highest rate of rural tourism projects are: to

country farmhouse was originally originated in Chengdu, Sichuan, the specific locations of the Qingcheng Mountain in Dujiangyan City, Pi,MBT Sneakers, etc. Wenjiang said. Later adult into the Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Basin, until the country. A truly The Peach Blossom Festival, the agricultural activities, rural rural scenery, local folk culture, country houses and villages and modern tourist resort culture, leisure and entertainment incorporate to fashion an completely new forms of tourism.

Xi'an Lantian Town GE Profile brand:

GE brand in the Qinling Mountains town, off the southeastern plains, is the antique city of Xi'an, the southeast portal, 45 kilometers away from Xi'an. GE brand is the aboriginal town of the 25th Army in Shaanxi Province in 1932 set up the first red revolutionary base areas, has a very important place in history. The town is located deep in the Qinling GE brand, beautiful environment, fresh air, simple people, in the hug of the nigh mountains under the pine trees, a river streams from the mountains cut down, clear and soft, people feel very pure. GE brand name and willow have some bearing on the origin. Legend of the Qing Dynasty, the town has three willows, are grown especially fruitful, Ge afterward partition (that is, rattan) clusters covered with willows, dense like arches, like GE brand also accordingly the name.

GE brand in history was a business center. Here, among by mountains, a road correlating northwardly and south, the north spliced mountains, the south leads to Shangluo. The streets in teams of mule, marts, outside the national mountain Uchiyama are concentrated here and commodities trading, so it became the GE brand mountain town in a rich land.

this town away from the city, Hill stoop, surrounded by mountains, bluestone-paved street winds ascent from the lower tilt, breadth of 5 meters, 200 meters long, the town's total population more than 300 people. Street, the old house remained with the original. GE brand township was once the Soviet government's courtyard, now become the The sign of the word, the original manuscript of the Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Liu Huaqing.

town Huiyanshizhu GE brand, see what they have capital - beautiful normal scenery and rich historical sites. In recent years, this annual income of 1,700 yuan were poor township Daxing GE brand township Soviet Government Museum:

GE brand township museum located in Lantian Ge Soviet administration licensing town, metropolis 48 km away from Lantian, blue expressway Ge straight and convenient transportation. GE brand township Soviet Government is the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee of Hubei, Henan Xian districts in the first ruddy regime. Early February 1935, the 25th Red Army troops in Xu Baoshan, Wu Huanxian, Cheng Zihua, Xu Haidong, etc., led by the Long March into Shaanxi, the Red Army into the GE brand suddenly erased out approximately town afterward the enemy, set up the GE brand township Soviet Government . People for the expansion of the Red Army in Lam Tin, with the Red Army, the establishment of local government has made a meaningful contribution. GE brand is immediately the town to maintain a Museum covers an area of ​​800 square meters, displaying more than 400 chips of physical message photo, reproduced the tough years of the Red Army when a hail of ammunition, Shaanxi Province has become a nationalistic education pedestal for teenagers.

research background:

to implement, at all levels of the proposed policy, in order to allow more students were concerned about rural areas, in-depth understanding of rural areas, this summer, I strongly organized school students to actively partake in the country extensively, City, Town, Lantian GE brand as the center, Mizoguchi its circling villages, the villages of GE brand Village was a period of 15 days of farming activities.

research purposes:

First, understand the characteristics of the local rural economy -

Second, the collection characteristics of the local rural economy -

Third, control the local rural economy with local characteristics -

Fourth, the survey characteristics of the local rural economy -

five, to explore the local rural economy with local characteristics -

research significance:

A survey of economic development in rural areas of action to accustom to the new era of building a socialist new rural go requirements, the co-ordination to determination China's br>
Second, the economic development in rural areas of action research is a comprehensive understanding and learning of the local rural economic development that is

Third, economic development in rustic districts of research movements carried out a comprehensive building a current socialist countryside essential meter

4, to carry out rural economic development research and practical action is to address local economic development, one important conveyor

five economic development in rural areas of action research is to build a new socialist countryside and the objective of mansion a harmonious society requires

Sixteenth Party Central Committee intended building a socialist harmonious society, the Plenum of the party intended the construction of socialist new countryside and historic mission. A socialist harmonious society, a democratic rule of law,MBT shoe, righteousness, honesty, friendliness, vitality, stability and mandate, man and ecology live in harmony. A new socialist countryside refers to

research usages and research contents:

research has taken a direct interview with the item of alternative. Town and village cadres in the government under the leadership of the all research process, research teams respectively farmhouse town of GE brand, Mizoguchi Village,Mbt Clearance, Village of GE brand are completed at the farm family. Visited the village council cadres, including objects, mediocre farmers operators, tourists come here. A absolute of 21 Villagers support and compliment effectively to enhance the entire accident process.

the rural economy with local characteristics -

2. business prototype and operating projects.

3. the number of employees and the organization.

4. food sources and species.

5. farmhouse in daily revenue.

6. closure time in the farmhouse a source of family income.

7. Nongjiale customer evaluation.

8. Nongjiale development by government funding.

9. Nongjiale development difficulties.

10. Nongjiale development of future blueprinting.

(2) tourists:

1. visitors to understand the local laborer music channels.

2. tourist home is located.

3. where the most attractive tourist place.

4. to the main purpose here.

5. the number of guests to the team and union.

6. time to stay here.

7. evaluation of the quality of food.

8. for residential environment evaluation.

9. for all fee-satisfaction survey.

10. From the perspective of visitors to the development of local farmhouse valuable suggestions.

cover letter

dear fellow: hello! We are Volunteers Association of Xi'an Institute of Finance heater Summer countryside practical action research group, in order to further implement the state on building a new socialist countryside, we visited all the methods of investigation to Xi'an Lantian GE elected the town for our brand research place, as our respondents, we hope you will actively collaborate with the work contained for the questionnaire part of the private privacy, we will be in consensus with relevant laws for your confidentiality. Thank you for your cooperation!

research questionnaire sample table: create three rural concerns rural characteristics of self-construction of new rural economy - time for 6 years for a business license number into the address in the town of Lantian Ge Ge brand brand Village Tel 828135001. service devoted to serving the purpose, buyer satisfaction 2. Our functions at rational amounts, good service 3 services and charges: Food 15 RMB / repast accommodation 25 RMB / day other 600 / 4. user groups: youth people □ □ source Xi'an navel old, old working ■ ■ □ Student □ business element of workers of other civil maids ■ ■ retirees stay days □ □ 1 1-3 days ■ 3-7 days ■ □ 7 days or more than 5 a month. 40 annual traffic season / day around 10 season / day 6 and diversity of food sources: 80% from their own sources of land planted , a small value to purchase varieties of flour, potatoes, beans, vegetables, corn, soybeans, etc. 7. Visitors to the restaurant's overall assessment services: overall very satisfied. In the accommodation there is not many counsel; repast in the diet generally reflected a unattached species. 8 farmhouse annual income 5 - 6 million / year 9 farmhouse closure time source of income migrant workers 10. Nongjiale family-owned business model 11 farmhouse start investment funds 12 - 13 million people (savings, debt) 12 Are there outreach? In what way: 13 promotional cards now facing the greatest difficulties? Traffic inconvenience, affecting tourist traffic. 14 Government policy on farm support procedures narrated to melody what? ① cooking skills training; ② entrepreneurial skills management exercising; ③ 3 - 5 万元 government-backed loans; ④ out reference knowledge organization; ⑤ construction consume units, sanitary latrines, housing renovation and so on. 15 for conditions; ④ join entertainment to enrich the lives of other tourists. Xi'an Institute of Finance and Agriculture heater Volunteers Association cared the construction of new rural self-shaping characteristics of the rural economy - Channels via which you studied here in the farmhouse: ○ ● advertising network promotion ○ ○ others introduced the other two you how many times to the farmhouse here: ○ ● first 2nd ○ 3-5 times ○ 5 times 3. your purpose here is to: ○ ○ summer holiday entertainment ● health ○ ○ ○ four other party you prepared to stay the time: ○ 1 天 ○ 1-3 days ○ 3-7 ○ 7 天 days ● 1 -15 days more than 5 months you reckon the quality of food: food tastes: ○ ○ general satisfaction ● good food varieties: ○ ○ satisfied with the quality of good general health ●: ● good ○ ○ general satisfaction 6. your accommodation assessment: facilities: ● general satisfaction ○ ○ beds good health: ● good ○ ○ general satisfaction 7. your accommodation expensive suggestions for improvement: have a good anti-mosquito facilities, such as: curtain. 8 overall service your farm appraisal of music: ● Good ○ ○ general satisfaction 9 music dictate your farm evaluation: ○ ○ ● Reasonable low tall 10 music your local farm development proposals:. ① food varieties to be more, for a long time are the same farm with food, nourishment does not mate. ② wish you can open a local mid-range restaurant, where the long-term health, can improve the food. ③ structure of a single day of life, want to have some entertainment. Xi'an Institute of Finance heater Volunteers Association, and through visits to the village farmhouse with 26 operators and more than 200 visitors chatted, we academic the emulating specific survey content:

(A) Xi'an Lantian GE mark town summer are here, alive here as only a few months, not ventilation conditioning during the day, by night, crease, quite snug settlement, only 15 per day.

74-year-old Di Bingkun antique introduced to their first 97 years, virtually all the old avenue bungalow, they had to live in the only street in a two-story building houses. 3 greenbacks. Expansion of numerous town houses, Tim set up the television, water heaters and other appliances, and cater three meals a day, put their own house into a

2004, the country set off / day, to develop appropriate health standards. Today, these nation inn facilities, a few out the window net, a change in the quondam,

farm economy to excursion the town of GE brand villagers behalf. According to sellers introduced by

(b) of the GE brand of Xi'an Lantian Town family members. The farm households engaged in family business In the local Therefore do not have enough experience in the initial stage, empty ofcome, meantime the

2. along to the size of business, For a cloud of the migrant personnel and plough income as the main source of income management accounts, the upfront investment is a business Most of the upfront investment asset are primarily debt and personal loans, and most business users do not understand the bank opened for agricultural production loans to small businesses, only a very small business loans to households is done upfront investment bank. As the upfront capital investment, leading business families heavily in debt, resulting in tremendous pressure on the household economy.

3. present Among them, the food, the rich peasant food standard 15 yuan / person; vast majority of farmers own land, food production, the main varieties are: flour, potatoes, beans, vegetables, corn, soil egg, fowl, beans, onions, tofu, pudding, etc., other food varieties according to the absences of tourists into the small amount of acquisition. In cooking technology, business users only free in the town-governmental organizations to learn cooking skills training a month, so overwhelming majority of farmers practice some food to keep the farm characteristics air. Accommodation, short-term accommodation for 25 yuan / day; long-term accommodation for 20 yuan / day. In For example: parking, chess entertainment.

(c) of the GE brand of Xi'an Lantian Town Reflects environment Everyday before the agricultural makers, to grab the pace of the times, addition Asked the operator in his own philosophy, they are still unfamiliar with this name. After only by interpreting the experience. Simple guy said: Let customer satisfaction is our best fancies. Although, under the current operating status, business users do not have enough experience and skills, but pure and easy belief with their guy touched the life of every visitor.

(d) of the town of Xi'an Lantian GE brand income are very restricted in the hardware facilities for a large number of chief investment, the vast majority of business consumers working capital to convert the greatest trouble.

(2) local have not been able to do so that visitors to experience the feeling of farm, a short talk can not reflect the business operators saluted the guests, visitors feel at home is difficult to understand.

② think the infrastructure is very thoughtful. For example, most come here for the summer of elderly retired, where the bathroom is only squatting, and no potty, which is the daily life of elderly people to bring a lot of pressure.

③ in the edible sanitation infrastructure, the vast majority of families did no complete providing business infrastructure configuration, such as absence of nice disinfection and refrigeration equipment.

④ in the business without a full and rational management system, the state is now without anyone enrolled visitors to eat or stay at instantly, until the left direct pay. Operators do not know their characteristic benefits for each day, there is no specific plan.

⑤ with the GE brand Mizoguchi village deep in the mountains within the Village, not in China Mobile and China Unicom communication coverage for the net, leading to most tourists do not ambition to enter and stay away from the GE brand town close to a compartment call signal

⑥ With increasing levels of urban life, although here the tourists want to experience the farm atmosphere, feel the natural loveliness. But visitors to the Either from cash flow or technical requirements, for local farmers are not a small challenge.

⑦ increasingly serious environmental problems. The most manifest is the restroom of health. In the The biggest clash in: on the road again and you can smell the stench, serious pollution of the local known as the In the research process, although most of the operators and the local villagers have recognized the magnitude of environmental protection, but in the lavatory and a array of environmental protection facilities building renovation work is still in hesitation state. The biggest difficulty is the economy. Second, the waste elimination problem, in the street, the rill can be discerned everywhere among the garbage. Although the local town government in the garbage disposal problem has been recognized in the However, due to the position of the construction waste station is nor reasonable nor specific waste disposal program, coupled with the villagers for the environmental awareness is not in place, resulting in waste units useless. Tourists visited the interview process, most visitors said the heading is about environmental conservation, they want the local government can make a difference, and navigate the villagers carry out the important work of environmental protection, hope there's pathway, the development of better and better.

⑧ in the local Local villagers did not actually make good use of resources Ge conducive licensing town, the villagers are not proficient to systematize the development of local culture, people's spiritual and cultural life of utmost deprivation. Secondly, the operators reflect the local government assist in policy imbalance, distraction facilities and other projects in the construction of investment can not entirely melodrama the role of the celebration and government presidency, failed to entirely implement the prestigious red tourism development planning.

⑨ in external publicity, we have way to the relevant site, search the network promotional substances are few and there is no specific practical information on the website content above, alter greatly with local conditions; with tourists interviews, we learned that a large number of tourists and other friends, colleagues and relatives in the presentation that under the local Hope that an correction in external publicity.

(e) the town of Xi'an Lantian GE brand Department has now completed 20 new projects Ming and Qing neatness farmhouse, in the meantime, creature an addition in fishing entertainment, cultural activities and other projects of infrastructure construction. In government policy, agent pate of Chengxi Wen Xi'an Lantian Town on GE brand development farmhouse, to build special economic conducted field research. Deputy Magistrate Cheng Xiwen has reviewed the farmhouse, the Soviet commemorative cards Ge, Ge card town and road construction. GE brand too queried the town to seize the business high-speed construction and Lee Blue River Reservoir is about building a large opportunity to become bigger and stronger To develop economic and social development, to use the spirit of the party's parliament arm themselves, to implement the scientific concept of development, cling to the road of sustainable development, primarily to defend the environment under the premise of early planning, co-ordination preparations, efforts to build tourism strong town.

research Overall:

From the above findings and the questionnaire data obtained, combined with local conditions can be seen: the local segment, because the operator does not have many experience in food service management, the local government does not have enough policy support, coupled with the local villagers for the environmental issues have even now deep understanding, leading to start-ups, nevertheless faced with extreme economic development projects big challenge.

Since the survey only as we visit a composition of means, this does not rotate on an analysis of each adoption, only one of the important options for analysis and remarks; and contact households interviewed the specific circumstances, to resolve the causes for choice.

the development of local farmhouse Analysis and recommendations:

1. on the All households are people living in common, chapter of the people are poor farmers,Mbt Shoes Clearance, only a few are living a comfortable or rich city people and farmers. We take a comprehensive survey theory to visit, to a decisive amplitude reflects the region's level, to improve and improve the living standards of farmers. Although, the local instead of the actual location from their own problems. After all, investment in Therefore, the local villagers in the investment must be true ahead the understanding, and logical planning, to avoid the loss caused by poor management results, to the massive financial burden on families.

2. above the Services business philosophy as the standard, the lack of practice visits, not with the local Second, management is caught workmen, agricultural making as the chief source of proceeds for peasants, but the vast majority of human yet have not received a good basic training, to approve new things in the lack of lively initiative, so namely skills can not be in business investment practice. Therefore, the worker must be open-minded, outside the town to approve progressive treatment notions, as the local

3. the development of local cultural Analysis and recommendations:

rural tourism manufacture, and ultimately the service manufacture, the cultural industries. No services to tourists as God's spirit, it is difficult to obtain mart acceptance, more difficult to obtain economic benefits. Therefore, the development of rural tourism, inevitable under the guidance of the mall, in reality, under the education and education of the farmers market awareness and customer service of economic civilization.

market is an the best schools, services, education and health will be the farmers cultivate a respectful and socialized inhabitants.

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IOS 5 Beta 6 released Apple will abandon the unique device ident

core hardware

fashionable accessories

handheld devices

Digital Audio

network equipment

bureau peripherals


OS / software

industry science

brand machine

Article Index

Apple today released a developer-oriented iOS 5 Beta 6 version, not what new features, fair nails some vulnerabilities. IOS 5 Beta 5 and compared,Moncler jackets, Beta 6 does not necessitate developers to remove the test machine tin be installed.
Apple said it will release this autumn for free iOS 5. Prior to the release of a important software Apple developers constantly face multiple beta version released to residence potential vulnerabilities and allow developers time to integrate new traits and API to your application to.

Currently,Moncler Vests sale, Apple namely once each 2 weeks nearly the speed of release Beta version:

? iOS 5 beta 1 6 / 6

? iOS 5 beta 2 6 / 24

? iOS 5 beta 3 7 / 11

? iOS 5 beta 4 7 / 22

? iOS 5 beta 5 8 / 6

8 August, it was afterward the date code crack OTA update that Apple plans to release a fashionable generation of August 17 mobile platform iOS 5 Beta 6 version, merely the tangible loosen period of 2 days later.
In addition,Moncler Hood coats, Apple likewise introduced the Apple TV software,Moncler Men Long Jackets, iTunes 10.5 and Xcode 4.2 beta version.
In counting, along to U.S. technology newspaper site TechCrunch reported that Apple iOS 5 Beta 6 of the document was updated iOS devices that will gradually clear the unique device identifier (unique device identifier),Moncler lovers vest, referred to as the UDID .

numerous applications and mobile ad networks use UDID to pathway the user's location and movement. Apple obliterated UDID manner, application publishers need to create your own UDID, user file previously accumulated needless.
Apple developer documentation in the presentation are as with:

deprecated in iOS 5.0

uniqueIdentifier (unique identifier) ??

unique to every device based on another hardware details of the alphanumeric string. (Read only)

(deprecated in iOS 5.0 you need for your application apt establish a distinctive identifier) ??

this alteration may be out of solitude cares. Need to use mobile advertising network UDID to promulgate targeted ads. Do no know Apple's iAds, Game Center and other services will stop using the UDID. (Text / SAN)

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Turkish hackers known as the United Kingdom a number of sites ju

No account? ,Moncler jackets
Fenghuang Wang Home phone Fenghuang Wang
United States did not shove the Pan-Pacific Union, the United States invited China
absence to construct the world's largest free trade place, to replace APEC, to pressure China to return to Asia. foul language instructor Qingdong
hike in the ancient:
great manner preferred Tang Chang'an City to aliens bending worship, fashionable scholars are flesh and potatoes, for the wealthy son gang combat.
Font Size: T | T 0 human involved in forwarding
0 comments Print International Online Zhuangao: According to the British attack sites, including the Experts warned that many Internet users passwords and other personal information may be stolen.
reported that a group phoning itself Attack of the site including the These sites are on the 4 night attack,Moncler lovers vest, the site visitor's password, e-mail and other personal information may be stolen.
Industry specialists advised people and no to visit the pray site because panic of greater losses. Some people believe namely access to the site,Moncler Men Long Jackets, they have straight hacker attacks.
In truth, the site itself has not been attacked, hackers just changed their name. When users type URL, such for telegraph.co.uk, the request is first sent to a domain name server residence will be translated into human-readable machine-readable address that point divided into 4 teams (dotted quad). To telegraph.co.uk case in point, the code is
but hackers intruded the domain label database,Moncler Hood coats, changing the wireless.co.uk domain registration details. This manner that scale up people will discern hackers modified the sites,Moncler Vests sale, nevertheless the site itself namely still skillful to manipulate. Just type it instantly in the browser the incipient dotted quad URL, users tin access the real site. Attack of the site that may require 2 days to remove those false records.
hackers information on Twitter that they are for Guardian to the union through Twitter many questions, they answered that they would usually select some goals, then detect the route of attack. Sometimes this may take several months, but the process extra tough the more amusement. (Li Jinliang)

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Helicopter airborne man picked up the university campus girls

Airborne Texas College Texas red helicopter

Daily News at 15:40 on March 19th or so, a red helicopter landing by the South Texas College campus playground, a feminine student in After boarding, the helicopter took off slowly away. At the scene of many students have seen this scene, many people likewise use the compartment phone camera video. Yesterday a.m., during 3 minutes 23 seconds of movie helicopter airborne university and in the major microblogging site namely mad reproduced forums, comments, preoccupied so many friends, Video: Man airborne helicopter elected up the university campus girls Source: Sina podcast
correspondent Click to see the video, the base of the aircraft hut, with Shandong TV station logo jot and the Qilu She control group Be parked helicopter, a man standing on the cabin side of the plane, about a minute later, a petite girl carrying a black suitcase came over, so her flight, the helicopter took off slowly, gradually leave the crowd's consideration, this scene so namely the presence of the students were stunned.
correspondent tangles and turns to inquire into, is actually the girl students of the seminary, which as the Department, there are 2 versions of automotive engineering and linens. Reporters again tried to adjoin with the parties failed, why should men take women to open a helicopter to the campus, characteristic details are still nameless.
fly for they do not understand the man and the true personality of female college students, many users believe that the friend of either men and women, also flying man dubbed .
Texas College

not sure going children

For this, the Texas Office of SOE, said a staff membership he has not listened of the event, and On the day of Saturday, the South Campus not on obligation,discount MBT Tenga Mid GTX Women Boot., he could no know the people. However, the staff told reporters, according to the school live in the Southern District, said a instructor had looked a red helicopter hovered over the school, merely not reflected in its land.
Shandong TV

had rented, but this has nobody to do with us

really matter if the Shandong TV on? Yesterday p.m., the reporter contacted the Department of Shandong TV International. Staff told reporters that they did final year, the Jinan Eagle Aviation Ltd. rented the helicopter, but they merely rented because three months,MBT barabara, November 15, supernal task over, terminated the lease compact ambition expire.
back, I still have not seen the video and pictures, it has already received a one-day telephone inquiries or interviews, progressive interior investigation.

not rule out the is necessitated an week in advance to apply to the Civil Aviation Administration, the petition will embody flight time, zone, altitude, helicopter ownership and prototype, short-lived landing point of latitude and longitude,MBT Sneakers, safety duty and so on. And when a reporter queried beyond 19 helicopters in Texas have applied flight, the staff said the flight blueprint is privileged air,MBT shoe, handy disclosed.

Daily Reporter

more, was creature carried out on the playground football, suddenly there came a excellent roar of helicopter, a aircraft appears in ruddy above the playground. Helicopters surrounded a few times in the playground, a crowd of dust from the fan. Then slowly lower the aircraft table tennis table in the playground next apt the south,Discount Men MBT Shoes, a roughly four-year-old black man off the aircraft approximately and playing the call. Then an nearly 20-year-old long-haired female walked into the aircraft. Subsequently, the aircraft set off a explode of dust have left, leaving the scene of the student team stare.

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